Fusionee Glass Logo Designs by Ellie

Ellie and familyMy passion for working with glass for over 15 years has lead me to expand into the exquisite art of creating fused glass jewelry.

Each of my pieces is one of a kind, and is created by combining 3 layers of fusible glass. The base layer is usually a solid color; the middle layer consists of more cut glass, clear or opaque, dichroic glass (jewel-like, brilliant glass); and the top layer is a clear piece of glass which “caps” the entire piece and gives it unbelievable brilliance and shine.

After cutting and assembling the glass, I put the layered piece of glass in a kiln and fire it to a temperature of 1700°F. I usually do a full fuse, which means the glass entirely melts in to each other and the top is seamless. The glass is then annealed, which is a process of heating and then slowly cooling in order to strengthen the glass.

Quality on every detail. Jewelry bails and findings are 18K gold plated or sterling silver plated. See each item's detail page for exact specifications.

Glass is such a beautiful and creative medium, and the fusing process itself brings out colors and sparkle that you wouldn’t think possible when “melting” glass together. I hope you enjoy looking through my collection...